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August 2019
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 Angel Feather;Double build,Kiriel x Metatron

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Angel Feather;Double build,Kiriel x Metatron Empty
PostSubject: Angel Feather;Double build,Kiriel x Metatron   Angel Feather;Double build,Kiriel x Metatron EmptyThu May 23, 2013 7:52 am

Sup guys,imma post my Af build for anybody to look at,or build for that matter,or to see if my deck has more room for improvement,thx a lot.

Grade 0s:

Crimson Heart,Nahas

4 Sunny Smile Angels[Heal~]

6 Crit-hit Angels{CRIT]

4 Happy Bell,Nociel[Stand]

2 Bouqet toss messenger[draw]

Grade 1:
1 Crimson Mind,Baruch

2 Lightning Chargers

1 Battle cuipid,Nociel

2 Burst shot,Bethnael

2 Pure Keeper,Requil

4 Thousand ray,Pegasus

2 Doctroid Micross

Grade 2s:

3 Crimson drive,Aphrodite

1 Memory core,Armaros

1 Iron Heart,mastema

2 Gattling shot,Barbiel

4 Million ray pegasus

Grade 3s:
2 Cirsular saw,Kiriel

2 Crimson Impact,Metatron

3 Calamity flame,Phoenix

Will post more of my builds in the future,please comment( not hate) on how to improve the deck.thx again.
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Angel Feather;Double build,Kiriel x Metatron
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