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 Memorandom: Spamming/Hacking Policy for CSA

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Memorandom:  Spamming/Hacking Policy for CSA Empty
PostSubject: Memorandom: Spamming/Hacking Policy for CSA   Memorandom:  Spamming/Hacking Policy for CSA EmptyTue May 21, 2013 12:51 am

This is TCHill your Vice Chancellor for the Yugioh Side of the Academy. I know that I am supposed to be taking it easy on vacation but I have just come on here and have found that since my absence that there has been some Ad Spamming and possibly a hacker.

Spamming of any type is not tolerated here and will be met with extreme but appropriate consequences. Consequences will include having your account on here deleted and being banned from the CSA as well (Mandatory).

Hacking will not be tolerated here either and will be met with the same consequences. Hacking is a criminal offense under United States law as well as international law and can be met by law enforcement with additional penalties to include fines and/or imprisonment (Normally Both) and these penalties vary from nation to nation and in the case of the United States can fall under either state or federal law but normally both as Hacking is a federal crime. This is because some people's information may become compromised. In some nations this could also include penalty of death for hacking.

The Crimson Stardust Academy will not tolerate either of these acts as they violate not only federal and international laws but also violates the CSA's rules and regulations and compromises the integrity of all duelists and cardfighters in the CSA and puts our private information in serious jeopardy.

I am making it a DIRECT ORDER to all members of the CSA that if you see someone spamming or know they are hacking to let one of us know and if they are hacking to let their local federal authorities know so that they may be tracked down and arrested quickly. We do not need those kinds of people here nor will any of us staff allow them around here. And if you are a staff/admin you are to ban them and delete their profile after gathering their information so they can be found out. Don't let the CSA become a victim of hackers or spamming. Don't let the CSA fall to them.

Stay away from my Sammychan ...I don't wanna go kicking assses all over the place.Memorandom:  Spamming/Hacking Policy for CSA Tejay_10
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Memorandom: Spamming/Hacking Policy for CSA
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