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A duel academy where you can learn how to duel, learn strategies with different decks and how to build them, and meet a lot of new friends.
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PostSubject: Xeamnz    Xeamnz     EmptyTue Mar 05, 2013 2:51 pm

Hey, im Xeamnz (i have the same name on the wiki, Cardfight capital, and Cray Academy). Ive been playing vanguard since around when bt06 came in english - so i havent quite been playing for a year yet, but ive played quite a bit, xd. Over time, ive built pretty much every clan in the english meta at some point or another, the exceptions being murakumo and dimensional police (both of which are relatively new the this meta).

Sometime last fall, i decided to try cardfight capital again (i had tried it once before, didnt get the controls) - this time, i found a tutorial on youtube that made the controls very easy. Thus, since then ive tried lots of builds i either couldnt do yet irl, or that i just didnt want to spend to complete fully. Since ive started byond, ive played pretty much every build bt09 and before at least once, with a few exceptions. After months of time on the wiki, i have learned a ton of theory on the game, although most of my views on the game are constantly evolving - why, cause what applies in one circumstance will likely not apply to most other ones.

I use to play yugioh once upon a time, but once they hit xyzs i kinda wearied of the game. However, i do have one thing i am grateful to yugioh zexal for - it was a search for that that lead me to the cardfight vanguard anime, which in turn led me to the real card game, funny how those things work. And now, a quick run-down of decks i have/like to use

Real life decks
1. Tsukuyomi OTT
2. DOTE kagero
3. Leopald GN
4. Beetle Megacolony
5. Deathrex Tachikaze
6. Cocytus Granblue
7. Maiden of the Trailing Rose NN
8. Dudley Spike Bros
9. Gold Rutile Novas

decks that i have used online that i will modify to irl when they come out
1. Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu OTT
2. bt08 tachikaze (death+dark rex combo)
3. Sephirot NN
4. upgrades for dote and leopald in eb01 and bt08 respectively
5. May build a fun Spike deck around bad end and sky diver for trolls, xd
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