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A duel academy where you can learn how to duel, learn strategies with different decks and how to build them, and meet a lot of new friends.
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 Orders to all other admins of CSA

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Orders to all other admins of CSA Empty
PostSubject: Orders to all other admins of CSA   Orders to all other admins of CSA EmptyFri Dec 21, 2012 4:40 pm

This goes to all other admins of the CSA. Sammychan and myself are both currently in charge of the day to day operations of the CSA. All other admins are to either be recruiting other members to this site. If Sammychan or myself find that you are not doing this we will find you something to do. We need to get this site up and running again and Sammychan and myself are busy with quite a few things which of some are related to this site and others which are not. These orders are coming straight from the headmaster (Yusei512) and need to be carried out quickly and effectively. Please do this so that this academy will be successful. Any new recruits you may inform myself and Sammychan about and we perfer you do this here on the CSA site. This way we can inform the headmaster quickly and without delay.

Yes I am placing an edit on this. The Headmaster is back in active on on here. This does not change the fact that Sammychan and myself are still in charge of the day to day operations on the Yugioh Side of the CSA. All admins not doing anything will still be placed to work on some project or another. We are still recruiting, testing, and entering new comers into respective dorms according to their skill level and ability. We need everyone doing something be it recruting, stuff for the site or something to that effect.
Thank You!

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Orders to all other admins of CSA
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